Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Formation of anti-drug antibodies to biological drugs can be transient, case of infliximab

Measurement of biological drug trough levels and antibody to biological drug gained high importance during the course of treatment. Recently, Matriks Biotek® developed quantitative measurement of anti-drug antibodies for adalimumab (Humira®), infliximab (Remicade®) and its biosimilar  CT-P14 (Remsima®
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The blind escalation treatment protocol of the Samsung Medical Center for infliximab

According to article:

“When patients have a poor response to infliximab (IFX) therapy, physicians should measure serum IFX trough levels (TLs) and the presence of antibody to infliximab (ATIs). Patients who have poor responses and subtherapeutic IFX TLs can regain the response after dose intensification. Patients who have ATIs are likely to have no response after dose intensification; however, in our study one patient regained the response after dose intensification and his ATIs disappeared. Thus, ATIs can be transient. Therefore, an individual IFX treatment according to the results of IFX TLs, ATIs, and the clinical response should be considered.”

Choi SY, Kang B, Lee JH, Choe YH. Clinical Use of Measuring Trough Levels and Antibodies against Infliximab in Patients with Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Gut Liver. Sep 9 2016.

Serum IFX TLs and ATIs were determined with Q-INFLIXI ELISA quantitative analyses  and Q-ATI ELISA quantitative analyses (Matriks Biotek, Ankara, Turkey).

New protocol of the Samsung Medical Center for treating nonresponders (infliximab)

General Scheme for biological drug surveillance

Matriks Biotek® is the first company to produce and commercialize SHIKARI® ELISA kits for for measurement of TLs and ADAs of biological drugs since 2008.
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