Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kit performance of the SHIKARI Q-TRAS ELISA kit for measuring trastuzumab in serum/plasma samples.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM):

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of biologicals drug’s usefulness is now accepted in the light of published work from various clinical trials.  Several algorithms for TDM have been published when using biological drugs.  By TDM, effective use of biological drugs such as infliximab and adalimumab have been increased for the benefit of the patients and found to be cost-effective as well and the same applies for the other biological drugs as well. Apart from the clinical usage of biological drug testing also it is important for PK and measurements and immunogenicity testing for especially for pharmaceutical companies which are developing biosimilar drugs. Accurate measurement of biological drug trough levels and antibody to biological drug gained high importance during the course of treatment.

Matriks Biotek®, founded in 2002, is the first manufacturer of the market for therapeutic drug monitoring in its category with 10 years of experience. Matriks Biotek® “Shikari®” ELISA kits for trough level and anti-drug antibody measurement ELISA kits can be efficiently used, for monitoring serum trough levels and the presence of anti-drug antibodies respectively, during therapy and offers the scientist a tool for taking decisions on possible preventive measures. Our products are produced under ISO13485 quality standards and have CE-IVD mark for Europe.

Matriks Biotek® has 39 SHIKARI®  ELISA kits for 15 biological drugs (TNF blockers, anti-cancer drugs and others) on the market and also offers custom ELISA kits for biosimilar drugs for PK and anti-drug antibody detection and confirmation. SHIKARI® kits have been used in a total of 71 publications; 51 peer-reviewed journal articles, 3 patents, 3 Ph.D. Thesis and 11 presentations. Please find enclosed our current product list and list of publication as PDF. (ask a quote or give a purchase order)