Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Two research articles added to the list of publications done by using Q-BEVA SHIKARI® ELISA kits : For precise measurement bevacizumab from different samples.

Biological activities of the rice-derived Bevacizumab from transgenic rice callus and from the plasma of mice were detected using by Q-BEVA SHIKARI® ELISA kit.

1.    Chen L., et al., Efficient Production of a Bioactive Bevacizumab Monoclonal Antibody Using the 2A Self-cleavage Peptide in Transgenic Rice Callus. Frontiers in Plant Science August 2016 | Volume 7 | Article 1156.

2.  Bergen T.V., et al., Complementary effects of bevacizumab and MMC in the improvement of surgical outcome after glaucoma filtration surgery. Acta Ophthalmologica 2015, 667-678.

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