Thursday, December 15, 2016

Matriks Biotek® to introduce SHIKARI® Q-ATI v6 ELISA kit to measure anti-infliximab antibody levels and confirmation of the results in the same kit.

Infliximab (TNF alpha blocker) has improved the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Some of the patients do not respond to induction therapy, and during the time course of treatment secondary loss of response may occur and these percentages may reach to 50% of patients under treatment.

By following patient’s infliximab and ant-infliximab drug (ADA) levels can give definitive information about patient status when evaluated with different tests and clinical status of the patient. By knowing the trough level of the drug e.g. if it is below the Cmin of the drug and there is anti-drug antibodies then the course of treatment should be changed accordingly. Infliximab dose can be escalated, other drugs can be added to treatment and end up with switching to another biological if necessary.

Precise measurement trough and ADA levels of infliximab gained high importance. Knowing anti-infliximab levels of the patient along with the confirmation of positivity to prove the reaction is not false positive. Peer reviewed publications cumulated since Matriks Biotek® first commercialized SHIKARI® ELISA kits in the whole world market at 2008 
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