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Used in total of 69 publications; 49 peer reviewed journal articles, 3 patents, 3 Ph.D. Thesis and 14 presentations

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Article ID 620837, 9 pages **

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1.            PhD Thesis:

La Spectrometrıe De Masse Applıquee A La Quantıfıcatıon Absolue Des Antıcorps Monoclonaux Therapeutıques En Mılıeu Plasmatıque Pour La Realısatıon D’etudes Pharmacocınetıques Pharmacodynamıques

Universitè de Bordeaux
     In French           

2.            PhD Thesis:
Evaluation Of Transscleral Permeability Effects Of Nanotechnology Based Drug Delivery System In Ocular Drug Applications
Hacettepe University
In Turkish with English abstract
3.            PhD Thesis:
Investigation Of The Pathomechanism Of Diarrhoea-Related Diseases
University of Szeged
In English

1.            Controled drug delivery systems for anti-TNF-α WO 2014046631 A1


2.            Preparing method and medical application of optimized plant source recombination humanized bevacizumab
3.            Genetically modified micro-organ secreting antibody and methods of use

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