Friday, February 17, 2017

New SHIKARI® S-ATB v2 ELISA kit for quantitative measurement of ADA to BEVACIZUMAB with confirmation and a new publication for usefulness of bevacizumab anti drug antibody measurement

Matriks Biotek® to introduce NEW SHIKARI® S-ATB v2 ELISA kit to measure anti-bevacizumab antibody levels and confirmation of the results with in the same kit. Along with measuring trough levels of bevacizumab with SHIKARI® Q-Beva v2 kit together can give definitive information about patient status when evaluated with different tests and clinical status of the patient.

When neutralizing antibodies occur after administration of Bevacizumab these antibodies block the effect of the drug and becomes ineffective during the course of treatment. 
Please refer to the publicatin below. We know from the published work for biological drugs that these antibodies can be transient and be overcomed by escalating the dose of the drug. 

New publication:

1553P H. Akbulut, M. Ocal, G. Sonugur, B. Akay, C. Babahan, S. Abdi Abgarmi,
A. Demirkazik, F. Icli.: The role of immune system on the efficacy of bevacizumab in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).

Medical Oncology, Ankara University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey
Annals of Oncology, Volume 27, 2016 Supplement 6, Abstract Book of the 41st ESMO Congress (ESMO 2016), 7–11 October 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

According to published work four patients (10%) had measurable anti-bevacizumab levels. There was no objective response in patients with measurable antibevacizumab antibody levels.

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